Tomolli offers services to deliver your projects & products/components on time, at an amazing cost and above quality expectations.

We define & package our services in different models suiting your needs, and these are delivered through our software development processes. Our delivery model may also have pure offsite teams OR a combination of on-site presence and remote development to optimize the time-cost-quality equation.

Our services cover a wide spectrum of platforms and latest technologies, from client/server to e-business and handheld development. Please read more about our services:

Tomolli offers full-cycle project and product development services. In this model, your TTT (Tomolli Technical Team) works as your complete solutions provider: starting from ideation to design, development, implementation and support. A project manager is a free-bie who replaces you to take the pleasure of driving of the entire scheme of things. He takes your projects through initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & control and closing.

Invariably, your TTT will produce a UI prototype or a Functional Prototype, after approval of which TTT enters the development phase. QA/testing and test case verification carry on in parallel to development. Regular code-reviews, algorithm walkthroughs etc. are part of our development process and applied on each project.

Build and release planning, code freeze, UI freeze, etc. and project milestones are decided at the beginning of the project, and tracked sincerely throughout.

Pre-release testing and post-release support ensure that clients get what they asked for: full-cycle service.

Tomolli offers both fixed price model as well as T&M (Time & Material). The TTT (Tomolli Technical Team) model is T&M based, where as we also take in FP projects (more suitable where the piece of work has clear requirements and short term).

iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. It powers most Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS apps are developed using Objective-C and X-code with MVC development approach in Cocoa Touch framework. The user interface is based on the concept of direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures. It offers a superb platform for developing intriguing mobile apps to reach wider customer base in no time.

Android is a Linux based operating system designed for touchscreen mobile devices. This is an open source mobile OS with its code released under the Apache License. Android apps run in a sandbox and the user interface is based on direct manipulation. It has an active community of developers and enthusiasts who use the Android source code to develop and distribute their own modified versions of the operating system.

PhoneGap is an application container technology for building cross-platform mobile applications using languages such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript. PhoneGap development is an ideal solution to create & deploy the same application across different mobile platforms with the same code base. This leverages high cost saving for your application.

The HTML5 code is embedded inside the PhoneGap framework using a foreign function interface that helps in accessing resources that are native to the device. This is done for overcoming the browser support limitations. The source code can be uploaded to a cloud compiler using PhoneGap's Build Service functionality.

The UI layer of a PhoneGap application is a web browser view (webview) that takes up 100% of the device width and 100% of the device height. The PhoneGap client communicates with an application server to receive data as it is does not interact directly to a database. The application server handles business logic and communicates with a back-end data repository. The client to application server communication can be based upon standard HTTP requests for HTML content, RESTful XML services, JSON services, or SOAP (or websockets if your OS supports it).

Ruby on Rails is a full-stack open source web development framework which runs on Ruby programming language. 'Less is More!' - it helps you to write less code while accomplishing more than many other languages and frameworks ensuring rapid development. It is guided by engineering patterns such as, don't repeat yourself (DRY), and Model-View-Controller (MVC) and convention over configuration (CoC).

We use Ruby on Rails as a core technology for delivering high quality web apps. We develop and maintain code base using technologies like: MongoDB, JQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Backbone.js, Coffeescript, RefineryCMS, Solr, ElasticSearch, Cucumber, RSpec, Mocha, Flexmock, Factory Girl and much more.

CakePHP is an open source web development framework which runs on PHP programming language. It facilitates developers with built-in database authorization, authentication, validation features and built-in Object Relational Mapping framework. It assists in writing less code and easy to set-up database. It emphasizes on software design patterns such as don't repeat yourself (DRY), Convention over configuration (CoC), Model-View-Controller (MVC), Association Data Mapping, and Front Controller. CakePHP is greatly supported by a strong developer community who constantly contribute to the development of the framework itself.

Tomolli teams do Custom WordPress Design & Development, Theme Design & Development, Plug-in Development & Customization etc.

WordPress is a wonderful and powerful framework that can bring in CMS based dynamic portals pretty fast, which are easy to manage and possess excellent in-built administration features. We create responsive and search engine friendly website development, API and third-party Integration, Blog Integration, Content migrations from other source to WordPress, Plugin and Theme upgradation, Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Security. Our WordPress solutions are always Cost-effective and agile.

Tomolli provides dynamic custom Application Development in ASP.NET technology. We do have experiences for creating sophisticated applications by applying n-tier and client-server architectures to provide flexibility & scalability.

Our .NET engineers are well versed with the latest version and technologies. We have successfully delivered an array of custom software applications to our valued clients.

Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework 3.5. ASP.NET radically reduces the lines of codes required to build large scale applications. Applications built in ASP.NET are reliable, robust and are immune to memory outflows and deadlocks.DOT NET development tool supports multiple languages like VB.NET, ADO.NET, C#.NET and Jscript.NET, thus providing immense flexibility.

The .NET framework has a common execution platform and has extensive class libraries. Deployment of an ASP.NET application is very easy; pretty much like deployment of a HTML page on a server.

We are recognized for our expertise in Java development. We offer Java Application Development, Java Web Development, Java Software Development, Java Mobile Application Development and other relevant services. We support at every stage from the architecture till final implementation. Any type of technological development remains inadequate if it lacks quality and efficiency and in turn hampers the growth of one’s business. So we understand the criticality of delivering as per excellence and efficient.

Java, a modern object oriented software development technology is supported by variety of operating systems. Its development is simple yet faster and cost effective. Since Java is platform independent it enjoys high portability across the world. Java applications are highly secured, robust with great performance. If you are looking for any of the below, just have a talk with our TTT Project Manager :

  • Developing complete end-to-end J2EE applications
  • Upgrading of existing J2EE applications
  • Migration and porting of applications from other architectures to J2EE
  • Migration and porting of J2EE applications to other architectures
  • Refactor existing Java Applications to robust frameworks
  • Java Component development
  • Integrating J2EE applications with other back-office applications like ERP, Oracle applications and so on…
  • Testing services (like integration, performance testing) for J2EE applications.

Tomolli is a perfect destination for high-quality reliable C and C++ programming services. Our dedicated team of experts is capable of developing, upgrading and maintaining large scale C++ systems in multiple environments for different platforms. These platforms we cater to are Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS/Mac OS x, iOS, Android OS and more.

Your TTT offers complete software development, programming, re-engineering and QA testing services. Additionally, we also has expertise in embedded C++ software development. Our programmers possess C and C++ working experience in embedded Linux, open source GUI framework, such as QT or GTK+ and more.

Embedded C++ provides our programmers with a subset of C++ that allows them develop quickly. The subset offers upward compatibility with the full version of Standard C++ and retains the major advantages of C++ at the same time.

  • Developing custom application using C/C++
  • Upgrading of existing C/C++ applications
  • Quality Assurance services for C/C++ applications
  • Mobile and Tablet programming with C/C++
  • Embedded C/C++ development
  • Unix/Linux C/C++ development
  • Mac OS X C/C++ programming and more…

COBOL (Common business-oriented language) is a compiled computer programming language designed for business use. It is imperative, procedural and, since 2002, object-oriented.

Tomolli delivers COBOL development, maintenance and modernization technology that optimizes IT resources, improves business performance, and dramatically lowers cost. Whether you are evolving existing applications through SOA, migrating from mainframes to open systems, or improving quality and distribution processes, our innovative software increases business productivity.

Whether you are evolving existing applications through SOA and Web services, migrating from mainframes to open systems, improving quality and distribution processes, or just looking to reduce cost, our innovative software offerings can enhance productivity and deliver improved business results.

Tomolli offers comprehensive porting, migration and reengineering services for your software to gain broader access across platforms.

Porting services typically port code from a source to target platforms. Multiple project experiences, focused teams and a clear porting methodology ensure that ports are sharply delivered.

Porting across different platforms (e.g. Windows to MacOS) usually requires a strategy to be drawn up, and platform differences to be resolved before starting. Porting across versions (WinNT4 to Win2000, or VB5 to VB6) is more focused on solving programming issues.

Our migration services include migrating data across databases (e.g. Informix to SQLServer), or applications across development platforms (e.g. C++ Builder to VC++).

Application re-engineering might involve fundamental technology shifts (client/server to web-enabled) where existing source code is marginally useful.

We can port legacy systems running on programs like COBOL, FOXPRO to latest Java/C/C++ based. We also migrate systems from Windows to Linux Or old versions to latest.

Our Testing Practice has a unique combination of skilled software engineering & testing teams with proven expertise in testing tools and methodologies for a wide range of solutions. This includes new application/ product testing, support and integration.

The team has experience and focus on testing, both as part of the development team and as an external authority. Expertise covers test-plan development, test-case development, regression testing, bug maintenance, debug management and certification. Automated test scripts are developed where appropriate.

Tomolli leverages its testing solutions for various verticals like, Healthcare, Gaming and areas like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), Publication Software/ Products, Mobile Application etc. with in-depth understanding and usage of proven software testing tools such as Quick Test Pro (QTP), Selenium, Jmeter , Pylot, Netsparker, Appium and Robotium.

Tomolli’s telecom team has long expertise on testing new technologies & technology generations. We build software products based on Telecom Wireless, along with providing QA / Testing services for telecoms.

Complete solution for telecom product development (Wireless) & various domain specific software services. Strong on all latest technologies in telecom wireless networks (2G, 3G, IMS, WiMAX, LTE, Femtocell).

From product development to maintenance, we are capable of delivering quality solutions to client’s requirements.

  • Scripting packages development and delivering test automation packages using scripting languages
  • Test Solutions for LTE interfaces / protocols
  • QA for target network entities in LTE / 3G / IMS

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